Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bits and Pieces - June 19, 2012

Nuclear Diner's email is again working, the first step toward recovering from the hack.

On the confusion of economics with morality.

Now that the US is pumping lots of natural gas and petroleum, is energy independence within reach? No.

Why the Scientist Stereotype Is Bad for Everyone, Especially Kids.

Lots of links about radiation. I haven't checked them all out, but they look pretty good and this link came from a reliable source.

Want to buy a silver mine?

Foreign Policy magazine published yet another of its listicles, this time the "Twitterati 100." (I am not a fan of listicles.) It seems - ho hum, big surprise - that most of FP's Twitterati are, you guessed it, men. James Joyner points this out in a post, along with links to women writing on the subject, and, in the comments, Katrin Verclas presents a list of women Twitterati and says that FP has asked her to pare it to 100, and they will publish it.

What look to me like the best summary and analysis of the Iran negotiations. It's early days yet; there will be more.

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