Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bits and Pieces - July 12, 2012

Here is the Freeh Report (long pdf) on how Penn State covered up for Jerry Sandusky, if you've got the stomach to read it.

Note to Candidates: Men and Women are not Angels. On why we need regulations. Looks to me that this is aimed at one particular presidential candidate and party. The other ones haven't been talking about removing regulations.

Ringers, not men in the street.

Some good news: In Texas, of all places, a judge has has ruled that the atmosphere and air must be protected for public use, just like water. This will open the way to better protection of the air we breathe.

Good idea of the week: Swedish plane bombs Belarus with teddy bears supporting free speech.

And some cool stuff about the migrations that populated the Americas. Lots of links here. BTW, the Knight blog regularly aggregates science news and comments on stuff that the media does particularly well or badly with science. They also say they'd like to hear from bloggers, and Nuclear Diner and I would like to oblige, but their submission form doesn't seem to work. I think you are about communication, guys??? Added later: The Apache and Navajo languages are also in the Na-Dene group, and they have long been believed to have been later arrivals. So they should be included with Canada’s Chipewyan nations?

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