Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bits and Pieces - August 2, 2012

I am loathe to get into the arguments on drones. It seems to me that killing fewer people with a more precisely targeted drone is better than wiping out a town with a less-precise missile. There are issues of responsibility - who makes the kill decision and how that fits into the conduct of war - and of tactics - whether it's a smart thing to do in a particular situation. I'd like to see more discussion on the subject. I'm pretty close to this guy in my thinking.

I agree with Stephen Walt: this seems like a really bad idea.

And, speaking of desensitization, I find these photos desensitizing, although their maker is trying to make a point about desensitization. And a photoshopped version of a famous Far Side cartoon that they reminded me of.

I don't have much sympathy for Jonah Lehrer. I didn't realize, until a friend pointed it out to me this week, that Lehrer wrote this article, which, upon my first reading, seemed like one of the dumbest I had ever read in the New Yorker. More here from someone who actually dealt with him. Look guys (I use the term advisedly), there are plenty more smart people out there, some of them female. Give them a chance and let Lehrer find a nice job proofreading or maybe teaching science in a private school.

A photo tour of some of the Manhattan Project sites that may become part of a national park. Mostly Oak Ridge and Hanford.

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Peter said...

My wife and I also saw the ad for 'stars earn stripes'. She asked me if I knew the premise behind the popular books 'The Hunger Games'.

Turns out that the author got the idea while flipping around the channels back in the early 2000's. All that was on TV was reality TV shows (Survivor, Big Brother) and video from the Iraq invasion. The soldiers, of course, not much older than teenagers. The book simply took that mashup to the next logical level.

No idea if that's really true, but it's certainly believable.