Monday, August 06, 2012

Bits and Pieces - August 6, 2012

Nation's sane people to nation's insane people: "Please stop shooting us." Apparently that's too much to ask. Is there commentary that the Sikhs should have been armed and shot the guy down, or doesn't that apply to brown people? And, um, gun control.

Speaking of people who are trying to kill us, Felix Salmon looks at a graph of crazy computer trading and comes around to believing that we need a financial-transactions tax to stop this insanity.

I posted a link the other day to Bradley Strawser's views on drone warfare. Strawser says the Guardian got him wrong in several ways.

Long article by Frank Pabian and Sig Hecker on a possible North Korean nuclear test and related matters. Back in the spring, when everyone was excited about the possibility of a test, I figured that there wouldn't be one. On another topic entirely, I've been saying to friends that I think an Obama landslide in November is a distinct possiblity. Now Michael Tomasky agrees with me. I need to start saying my more outrageous thoughts on this blog. And yeah, I know they don't count if I didn't post them. None but those two just now.

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