Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces - November 17, 2012

How Mean Girls explains the Petraeus scandal. Read past the first two paragraphs. Intelligent and ambitious women still have to get ahead by sleeping with men. People without power are always petty toward one another.

And yeah, if you have responsibility at some level for the nuclear codes, you're not supposed to mess around.

Combine not enough funding to the State Department with the penchant for contract muscle and you've got the potential for trouble beyond Benghazi.

Has Petraeus been a stumbling block in moving toward an agreement with Iran?

The speech JFK would have given if he had ordered an airstrike on Cuba.

Does Senator Tom Coburn sound incoherent in this interview? Now that most of the Teabaggers have been voted out of Congress, is it time to look at some of the other loonies?

Genetic blending between Asia and Europe in the Altai Mountains.

Finnish underwater ice fishing. Watch the video before you read the explanation.

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