Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mp3 Find of the Day

Here's another mp3 find of the day (the previous one here). This is the German band, Die Goldenen Zitronen, courtesy of the great WFMU. Here's part of WFMU's blurb:
The band from Hamburg with the enigmatic name started out innocently enough in 1984, playing "punk pathetique" (in Germany it was called "fun-punk") in the vein of such bands as the Toy Dolls or Splodgenessabounds. Two other German bands who started playing similar music at the time were Die Ärzte (The Doctors) from Berlin and Die Toten Hosen (The Dead Pants) from Düsseldorf. All three of those are still around, but Die Goldenen Zitronen quickly established themselves as the most interesting of the bunch. Over time their lyrics became both more experimental and political, and the music also turned into something else.
Me, I go for three of the songs in particular: the proggy "Von den Daemonen des Wesley Willis (FCC)," "Das bisschen Totschlag," and the somewhat danceable (if you dance like I do) "Auf Dem Platz Der Leeren Versprechungen."

Check them out, leave the WFMU folks a thank you note, and let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, being a german I know the bands you mentioned. But it's sometimes nice to see them mentioned abroad.
Best greetings!