Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thousands of Bananas

Photo: Helmut, cellphone

I used to have a copy of Joni Mitchell's lp tribute to Charles Mingus titled Mingus. I recall in the liner notes, interpreting loosely from faulty memory, that Joni says that the day Mingus died in 1979 a thousand whales washed up on the beaches of Mexico (he died in Cuernavaca). But Mingus was a genius - we can allow the mysticism.

Helmut, however, on his birthday has thousands of bananas wash ashore in the Dutch North Sea.
"I think everybody on the island has a bunch now," said Gossen Buren, a shipping official at the local lighthouse...

Plenty of beachcombers came early Wednesday for a look, said Buren, "but not as many as when we had the sneakers."


SteveG said...

Happy birthday to the big banana from one of the bunch!

helmut said...

Thanks, Steve, from a member of your Comedist flock.

MT said...

Happy birthday, Helmut! Don't slip on the wrapping when you're done! This day is for you, not the rest of us Comedists.