Monday, August 17, 2009

Bits and Pieces - August 17, 2009

New Yorkers rediscover nature. I found a new plant in my flowerbed last week - purple flowers, globular seedpods with fearsome spikes - and couldn't identify it. I should have photographed it, but my excuse is that my life has been fairly crazy lately. Might blog about all that later. I pulled it, but now regret that action.

North Korea reaching out?

Backlash to Whole Foods's CEO's Wall Street Journal health care op-ed.

Britain's Ministry of Defense releases unidentified flying object reports.

More from Bruce Bartlett on the Republican Party and the media.

The Arctic Sea, that ship that disappeared in the Baltic Sea, has been found off the coast of West Africa's Cape Verde. But no explanation of what happened for the last three weeks or so.

Africa is now a nuclear-weapon-free zone.

Georgia is no longer a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It's not clear that this matters much - the CIS isn't much of an organization.

A slightly flawed flow chart of what the health-care legislation will do. If the Democrats don't gut it trying to respond to Republican crazy.

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