Friday, August 07, 2009

Bits and Pieces - August 7, 2009

Tailfins of 1959.

A Republican endorses the Clintons' diplomacy with North Korea.

One way those in government can go wrong in managing contracts. I was taught to always offer to pay for my lunch when with vendors. Sometimes they would just sit up straight when I did that. And it ended all sorts of discussions that might have taken place.

Missile defense in Europe may cost a lot more than we've been told. But there was a clue: the initial estimate of $2.6 billion for development, testing, and procurement. That means that the system was nowhere near ready for deployment. So it's likely that the latest increase would be just one of many.

The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, who got a lot right on Iraq, say that Iran is unlikely to have the enriched uranium for a bomb before 2013. Other info from the DNI here.

Was the social-networking outage aimed at a Georgian blogger? This needs to be investigated; might give some information about the denial of service attacks against Estonia and Georgia. Or can we put that circumstantial pattern together and draw a conclusion?

It's silly season in Europe.

How to disrupt the disrupters. And a test of character.

Why we need comparative effectiveness research.

Republican recommendations (from a while back) on care for the elderly.

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