Saturday, August 08, 2009

Deadly Healthcare Policy

Obamacare will lead to the euthanasia of old people who are then converted into soylent green to feed the hungry. Haha.

But... Steve Benen directs us to Fox News implying just that. Benen muses,
It must be challenging to be a political writer trying to parody conservative arguments. Prominent Republicans, who are either stark raving mad or pretending to be, are speaking publicly about "government-encouraged euthanasia" and "death panels." How does a satirist exaggerate for effect when the right-wing has gone mad?
Sadly, it's true. I was going to ask if we could come up with similarly dark or absurd policies to which an Obama healthcare bill will most obviously lead. But it really is hard to outdo what many Republicans are already saying.

Here's an idea, but I don't have the wherewithal to carry it out: a healthcare policy generator. Enter a few nouns and verbs - e.g., a monkey, tiki torches, anti-depressants, Maxwell Smart, tomato gardening, and colliding atoms - along with a few standard healthcare terms, a bureaucratic grammatical structure, and a few racist codewords, and out spits a spin-off policy from healthcare reform.

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