Monday, January 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces - January 11, 2010

Analysis of four possible outcomes in Iran. Plus some good background.

Since the beginning of the Green Movement in Iran, 27 diplomats have abandoned their posts and have sought asylum in Western countries. h/t p_r

Still talking with Iran about a nuke deal? Will Turkish-Iranian cooperation be a part of an agreement? Laura Rozen is getting a lot of information; we can hope it's reliable.

North Korea is now putting a peace treaty (from the early 1950s Korean war) front and center. Hard to say if this is genuine or just a bargaining tactic.

Perhaps a bit more understanding up front of the situation could help to focus intelligence collection. Casting a wide net is good, but not if it brings you more than you can analyze.

New York Times calls Blackwater guards as mercenaries. I think that's a first.

I think that Ezra Klein, among many others, has this wrong. Lowenstein's article on walking away from mortgages is simply the logical outcome of the monetization of our society. Money is the ultimate value. That results in those obscene bonuses for the people who wrecked our economy, and, just as logically, walking away from an underwater mortgage.

A Murdoch family feud over Roger Ailes and Fox News? Get out the popcorn!

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