Sunday, January 10, 2010

Copenhagen Bicycles

One of the great things about the city of Copenhagen is how bicycle friendly it is and how bikes are essential to its modern identity as a "green" city. It's really a lovely feature of the town. There are, of course, basic ways of encouraging this healthier and cleaner method of transportation, such as real bicycle lanes as in the photo above. Copenhagen even has mini snow plows just for the bike lanes. Of course, we'd have to be prepared to be a little more resistant to the elements.

Photos courtesy of cool blog Copenhagen Chic.


MT said...

Plow schmow. I think biking on and through the snow is actually kind of fun--at least, if you have fenders.

Uyin said...

Cycling can help reducing CO2 by not using car for transport. But in my country, cycling is hard to implement because of the weather is too hot..

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