Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bits and Pieces - August 25, 2010

Pakistan before the floods.

Israel should give up its nuclear "opacity."

England has a free-market solution to the problem of infected hens laying infected eggs. Me, I get mine at the Farmers' Market.

The air gap works for "cyberwarfare." Maybe less than that.

Arab reaction to the Park51 hostility. Stirring up hatred toward Muslims makes a lot of sense for those who really want another war.

It has long seemed to me that Russia and China are the last empires. The difficulty of defending any boundaries in the Asian landmass drove both to incorporate more and more nationalities, many of whom still aren't happy with the arrangement. I don't think anything will change this any time soon, but here's one more comment on the difficulties of one of those empires.

Added later: An open letter to California (and other) students. Via.

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