Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please Remove Your Shoes

Now here's a movie I haven't seen yet, but I want to.

Like "Countdown To Zero," it's about fear. But it's not using fear. It shows how being paralyzed by fear induces bad decisions. Or that's what I take away from the Armchair Generalist and Homeland Security Watch. Links to more reviews at Homeland Security Watch.

But it suffers from the same problem as "Countdown To Zero": what can the ordinary citizen do? Unlike nuclear weapons, this is something that everyone who flies faces. I have long been more concerned that I will be detained by the TSA than that my airplane will be blown out of the sky. And, like the Armchair Generalist, I resent that something I have loved, flying and travel, has been made into an occasion for fear.

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thaikarl said...

funny how we all agree, "Homeland Security" ISN'T, it's theatre, is NOT making us safer etc etc. but i have not seen anywhere an active means of doing anything about it. no protests, no petitions, no write-in campaigns, no peaceful resistance, no legal challenges that have any visibility. i too fear the TSA line, and coming Back INTO my own country- but i'm not doing anything but traveling.