Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bits and Pieces - New START Edition

Given that the Republicans have been responsible for most of the arms control treaties and their ratification over the past half-century, it seems strange that they now feel the need to end the possibility of monitoring Russian nukes and eventually going on to decrease the excessive Russian numbers of tactical nukes (about 2000, in addition to the nukes restricted in the New START Treaty). But that's what they are doing in their frenzy to deny President Barack Obama any steps forward, even when they're damaging national security in the process.

Here's what others are saying about that:

Michael Tomasky

Joe Cirincione

Max Bergmann

And here's more of the Republican nonsense. Consultative commissions are a part of every treaty. They're designed to deal with glitches that always come up without having to go to the full-up negotiations like those that developed the treaty. Perhaps Goldsmith and Rabkin just haven't been aware of this? Or, more likely, they're jumping on the Republican bandwagon. Update: More about just how crazy this is from Jeffrey Lewis.

And just a wild speculation in response to Steve Benen's question:
Why would Steele want face time with foreign diplomats?
Maybe he's hearing how crazy those diplomats are afraid America's becoming, judging from the Republican response to New START. Yeah, I know that's far too rational. Probably just looking for a new job.

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