Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Not In The News Today

This is a very important article.

In it, Fulton Armstrong, a former high-ranking intelligence professional, says that pressure from the White House was the full and total reason for the intelligence community's endorsement in 2002 of the idea that Iraq had WMD. He says it quite bluntly in criticizing Thomas Powers's review of a book by Robert Jervis that finds that the intelligence community just got it wrong. Powers details why Armstrong's statement is important.

The reason why you're not seeing much about this in the MSM is inherent in what Armstrong and Powers say. Check it out.

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B Popma said...

Thank you for highlighting this piece as I had missed it in my reading. Such a sad state of affairs, but no doubt true. And what will change? Different person in the office, same dynamic in play.

I fear there is no hope for a reliable press. Keep up the fine efforts.