Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces - February 12, 2011

Happy Lincoln's Birthday! From someone who grew up where it is observed.

Egypt, of course:
Lamis Andoni: The resurrection of pan-Arabism

Ahmadinejad hails the Egyptian revolution. Not clear that this is a smart move in advance of planned Iranian protests.

Indicators of democracy as the new Egyptian government develops from Juan Cole and Hani Shukrallah.

And in the rest of the world:
Some tough statements coming out of the Obama administration on Iran and Syria. The Syria statement is from State Department spokesman @PJCrowley via Twitter:
#Syria restores social media one moment, then conducts a secret trial of #blogger #TalAlMallouhi. #Syria is going in the wrong direction.
Uh-oh. Pro-reform Saudi activists launch political party. Not likely that anything like Egypt will happen in Saudi Arabia any time soon, though.

Roula Khalaf and James Blitz: The Sabotaging of Iran. Not a whole lot new here, but the whole story (what we know of it, that is) in one place. Frank Munger seems to be wondering whether seized Libyan centrifuges were used in the development of Stuxnet. A bit more about Stuxnet from the New York Times. Given that Stuxnet is not spread through the internet, I keep wondering who introduced it. The Times article says that it could have been spread in an e-mail message, and in the Khalaf and Blitz piece, Mark Hibbs speculates that there's a mole in the Iranian program.

Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) walked pretty much the same way we do.

John Holbo: "Originalism works rhetorically by sorting people into two piles."

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