Friday, April 01, 2011

Bits and Pieces - April 1, 2011

A non-nuclear post that I'd like to blog more on but probably won't be able to.

George Monbiot: The double standards of green anti-nuclear opponents. This is an opinion piece. I've tried to stay away from posting primarily opinion pieces. It's almost impossible to avoid inserting my opinion at times into the discussion of Fukushima; as I noted in an earlier post, a certain amount even of setting radiation standards is judgement. This piece from Monbiot is significant because he has shifted to being in favor of nuclear energy as a result of the Fukushima incident.

A short and simple explanation of radiation that covers some things I haven't.

A very long post on the evidence for radiation effects on humans. This post and the previous one lead up to what I hope to write over the weekend about the radiation levels at Fukushima. This one pulls together a lot of information that I will use as a jumping-off point.

And TEPCO is reviewing its rad data. I guess I'm not surprised. This stuff is complicated enough that errors will be found as long as the incident is investigated.

Added later: Public Safety Alert from Michael Berubé.

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