Monday, November 21, 2005

"I Always Smile"

Michael Scanlon--former Tom DeLay aide and Jack Abramoff associate--has pleaded guilty to conspiracy, has agreed to repay $19.6 million to former clients, and faces potential jail time. From the NYT:
Mr. Scanlon, tanned and grinning, referred questions to his lawyer. Asked why he appeared so relaxed and why he was smiling so broadly, he replied, "I always smile."
Ah, yes. It's a conspiratorial smile, we now understand. It's the smile Tom DeLay flashed for his mug shot up in Travis County, the righteous, freedom-fighter smile. The root of this smile that Scanlon always smiles is there in Dick's smirk and W's "what the hell you lookin' at? (what the hell do I say next?)" toothy grin.

The persecution thing must feel so good. I wish I could get me some. But I'll be damned if the GOP looks like it's willing to give up being part of a lion diet. Those guys are Big-Cat Cat Chow, and they love it. Who can blame 'em?

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