Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Models for Diplomacy?

Here's a bit from the linked BBC story. I love it that the BBC uses the construction "kept on," as it sounds so wonderfully schoolyardy. Seriously, can't anybody understand that it doesn't hurt just to ignore Chavez? I mean, does Fox believe severing ties with Venezuela gets the hemisphere any closer to a free trade agreement? What does he mean to accomplish? Is anyone surprised by Venezuela's reaction to the reaction?
The Mexican President, Vicente Fox, has threatened to cut off all diplomatic ties with Venezuela.

He said he would take that action if Venezuela's leader, Hugo Chavez, kept on making comments about him or Mexico.
If only our neighbors in the hemisphere would follow the sensible, dispassionate diplomatic example of Our Leader here in the Most Important Nation in the World, this thing wouldn't even be news.


flaco delgado said...

This is starting to look like one of those "doth protesting too muche" situations. "We are not puppets of the Yankee Imperialists. Yeah, they really don't like you and have perhaps fomented rebellion in your country. But that's just a coincidence. Really, we are not lapdogs. Really. Lo juramos."

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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