Sunday, November 13, 2005

Survey Sez: What Was He Thinking?

Check out the link, above, if you enjoy reading numbers in Spanish. According to a recent survey, 69% of folks who live in Lima, Peru, believe Alberto Fujimori, recently detained in Chile on his way back to Peru, is guilty of human rights violations and corruption. Over 70% believe he should be extradited.

He was on his way back in order to run for president, again, after having resigned from that position in 2000 by fax from Japan. Really. He's been hiding out there ever since.

Makes Our Leader look pretty fine, doesn't he? I mean, only about 60% of Americans think our president is just dishonest. Nobody's calling him a criminal.


Anonymous said...

barba de c., I'm here to call Dear Leader a criminal! I can't believe I'm the first.

barba de chiva said...

I just wanted to see if anyone were reading!

Thanks for the comment.