Wednesday, November 23, 2005

U.S. Blocking Trade of Weapons? Inconceivable!

Unless somebody is selling stuff to somebody else we don't like.

Thanks to Bill, for sending me this link to an El Pais story about the Spanish government's intention to finalize a deal to sell military planes and boats to Venezuela. No secrets about why the U.S. is objecting to the sale of weapons to a country with lots of oil and a charismatic populist leader who doesn't like us; what's interesting is how: it turns out some of the parts are Made in America:
El problema se plantea con los 12 aviones de CASA-EADS (10 de transporte C-295 y dos de patrulla marítima CN-235), que llevan componentes norteamericanos, especialmente en motores y aviónica. Técnicamente, explican los expertos, sería posible sustituirlos por equipos de origen europeo, pero económicamente no resulta rentable, por lo que lo más probable es que no lleguen a venderse sin la luz verde de Washington.
Though the transfer wouldn't even begin for three years, the U.S. is planning to veto the sale. Mmm. More exciting rally opportunities for Chavez and a unique opportunity further to alienate Spain.

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