Monday, December 19, 2005

By the way...

...the NY Times is on the chopping block here at Phronesisaical (which means unlinking them). I -- Helmut here -- am waiting to see if they come clean on sitting on the domestic spying story since prior to the 2004 election. If they don't, off with their heads! They've given us enough grief as it is while pretending to be comrades by maintaining Frank Rich and Bob Herbert on the payroll.

Delinking is not much of a deal for the mighty Times from little old us. But I encourage the same from others. If that paper is going to continue its dirty hands policies, we bloggers and blog-readers ought to put the hurt on them and make it clear. I'll gladly get my news from the Brits and the French, who seem to be the only ones with their heads not glued on by administration propaganda.

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