Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Deportes o de moda, segundo tiempo

There can now be no doubt about the accuracy of my astute observation regarding the new coach for Cruz Azul, the Mexican professional soccer team. To refresh your memories, I reported that Isaac Mizrahi was named as coach of Cruz Azul, and also pointed out that he is a famous fashion designer. At the time of writing the original post, the supposition that coach Mizrahi and designer Mizrahi were one and the same was only conjecture on my part. Good strong conjecture though because how many Isaac Mizrahis can there be? Also because Mizrahi's assistant answered the phone with "futbol and fashion designer." But she might have said, "good fall in-fashion designer." It's hard to tell sometimes, so I went with my gut feeling.

So the answer to the question of how many Isaac Mizrahis are there? Solamente uno. And the proof of this has miraculously appeared on this very site in the form of a Google ad, and that ad is for...Cruz Azul jerseys! There can only be one explanation for this phenomenon: that designer Mizrahi and coach Mizrahi are the same person. How else can the "coincidence" of his coaching Cruz Azul and their shirts suddenly being for sale be explained? It can't. For any of you out there who might ask, "why isn't he called 'coach-designer Mizrahi' then" I have two answers: 1) that would just be confusing, and b) so as not to give away the element of surprise. And speaking of the element of surprise, this also proves that Pachuca is employing a fashion-sport complex spy--and a damn good one at that.

I certainly hope that some of you liberal elite professors out there will be gracious enough to acknowledge the astounding reasoning on display here and do the right thing: use it in your courses when you're teaching critical thinking. I mean it. Do it for the children. Cementos mexicanos, se amo!

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helmut said...

What was Coach Mizrahi doing before he beccame a designer then? You assume unwarrantedly that Mizrahi is a designer first and coach second. In fact, Isaac has been a great coach for years and only turned to fashion design in order to dress women in fine clothes and men in shorts. I, for one, look forward to Isaac's return to the pitch. I hear he also does the Argentina's hair. And trains Italy in runway techniques.