Thursday, December 22, 2005

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September 10, 2006 – Harvard University

For those who watched the former president of Iran Khatami on CSPAN, one of the most incompetent translations of his so-called answers to the audience was delivered. The translator openly mistranslated Khatami’s responses and my guess is that he better be looking for another profession soon!

As to what Khatami responded to, one of the better questioned came from an Iranian American student at Harvard, questioning Khatami about his inactions about the murder of Zahra Kazaemi a Canadian National of Iranian ancestry by allegedly Tehran’s district attorney while Zahra Kazemi was in government’s custody during which she was beaten, raped and murdered by blows to her head. In response Khatami labeled the question as a speech and brushed off Iran’s Judiciary’s incompetence about the investigation and capture of Zahra Kazemi’s murders.

Interestingly Khatami in response to execution of Gays in Iran, referred to the fact that in other religions, homosexuality is punishable, and the degree of punishment here capitol punishment is at question, he even went to the extent that execution is also legal in the United States of America.

Khatami failed to respond to what he has done or why under age Iranian teenage girls are sold into sex slavery to Arab bidders down at the Persian Gulf, nor could he explain why thousands of political protestors only fighting for basic Human Rights are killed, tortured and held in jails. And what is the punishment of those who profit from teenage sex slavery? Isn’t it death?

Whether religious or civil law, punishment has proven not to be the healer of Society more than education of the Society, point, European countries where executions are banned and education from the early stages is promoted in society, the crime rates are significantly lower than those western states which allow executions. Is the U.S. the only democracy in the world which still allows execution? And still believe that punishment will cure the society’s ills? When will the representatives and law makers realize the Church’s punishment was for the old centuries and we need to educate, science, medicine and law to eliminate world poverty, health and well being?

World Citizen, proud Iranian American