Thursday, December 29, 2005

Professah Alito! Professah Alito!

Or: maybe, maybe, it is possible that your professor will not lead you blindfolded into the catacombs of his/her ideologies and abandon you there, where you will spend the rest of your life unable to see the world as it really is ever again:
Alito encouraged students to take risks and rewarded those who did. Former student Robert Marasco argued in his final paper that torture should never be allowed. Alito gave him an "A" on the paper and for the class, Marasco said.
An "A" indeed! And for a paper arguing against torture! Well, I have been wrong about this Alito fellow, I now see. Despite what must have been his repugnance at a student's brazenness, the brave and open-minded professor--surely swallowing back his bilious gags--managed to ignore his own political perspective.

But maybe it's just the lefty profs who are incapable of such unselfishness?


helmut said...

I'm a lefty professor who has been so worried about the righty shakedown in academia that I'm starting a course on torture. We will have field trips where my students have the opportunity to test their physical prowess and psy-ops skills by torturing entirely innocent people. Innocent tortured people will say the darndest things!

troutsky said...

Find me a true innocent! Beyond the cradle that is.