Friday, December 30, 2005

Stupid congresspeople

So, next time you're walking in the Arizona desert and you see someone who has crossed the border dying of thirst, look away good people, since you'll get the slammer if you try to be humane. Sick fucks.
Churches, social service agencies and immigration groups across the country are rallying against a provision in the recently passed House border-security bill that would make it a federal crime to offer services or assistance to illegal immigrants.

The measure would broaden the nation's immigrant-smuggling law so that people who assist or shield illegal immigrants would be subject to prosecution. Offenders, who might include priests, nurses or social workers, could face up to five years in prison. The proposal would also allow the authorities to seize some assets of those convicted of such a crime.


flaco delgado said...

That's good. It means that the FBI can continue spying on Catholic Workers in good conscience, since now they're not only a "semi-communistic" (sic) organization, but an outlaw one too.

"Well I'm a relief worker,
On an oo-ohld bus I ride,
And I'm wanted (want-ed)
Dead or alive"

Come on, everybody join in and sing the chorus.

Neil Shakespeare said...

There goes the good fucking samaritan...

helmut said...

The troubling thing is that this administration and congress seems intent not only on punishing the poor and downtrodden, and trodding on everyone else, but also criminalizing decency. NSA? Go after the leakers. Torture? Deny it and go after the press. Illegal immigration? Let them die in the desert in plain sight.

The criminalization of decency.