Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Phronesisaical has been nominated for two categories for Koufax awards. Giddy us, giddy-up. Best New Blog is one, as mentioned below, and the other is Blog Deserving of Wider Recognition. Thanks to MB at Wampum for doing all the work of sorting through hundreds, perhaps thousands of blogs. And thanks for giving us the nomination nod in two categories. It's greatly appreciated.

To be entirely honest, we don't have enough readers to get a doubleneck guitar chainsaw pin-you-down to make you vote award. And there are plenty of blogs that will muster the energy and readership to make the pitch for voting for them. Here's mine: please vote if you get the opportunity. But the nominations themselves are nice.

Instead of pitching ourselves for the award -- of which a glorious victory would mean having to take blogging seriously -- I'm taking bets in the comments. The winner will receive a gazillion dollars worth of half-assed blogging posts for at least the next few months. Plus a cd burned from some randomly chosen record of the day on the Helmut turntable (which has developed a rather annoying hum). Comments on Phronesisaical average about .37 per post, so your odds are pretty good of winning this prestigious first possibly-annual-competition-if-we-feel-like-continuing-it.

By Neddie Jingo, bless his heart, wants the thing and is in the same category as us (he nominated us for one of them, kind Jingo). He deserves it. So does Neil Shakespeare. Whirled View deserves wider recognition as does, obviously, Norwegianity. I think they know a lot better than I what a grand victory would mean, so vote for them. A vote for us would be appreciated, but we're just looking for more comments, not having to do more work. Thus, the betting. Wagers open now. Place your bets.

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