Friday, February 10, 2006

Girl in a Coma

I'm a boy, so it's not me. I just want to share some love with the girls. Barba is not a girl, but, dammit, I love the guy. I'm home from being out with another love, Kitu, writer and professor and sabbatical goer in Colombia, writing brilliance, back in DC to repair and fret over his basement and sup from the cup until 4am with Helmut.... I return home, nearly 5am - I am a professor! - to find a lovely gift from Barba. A 45rpm on milk-white vinyl by Girl in a Coma from San Antone. And now I'm in love with them (Jenn, Nina, and Phanie please come and stay - we can fit us all on the couch!), and their titillating dedications, X's and O's, to Helmut on the sleeve. I gave both sides a spin, and then again, tiltering as I am before collapsing on the bed. And now again, before joining the coma.

Please sing me more of your siren song, Girl in a Coma. Thanks, Barba.

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barba de chiva said...

Glad yer enjoying the Girls, Helmut.