Monday, February 27, 2006

Musical war

A National Guard member in Iraq composes while there and writes a bit about the experience. From Perfect Sound Forever:

...Having no audience to play for, I made my audience using technology. The Internet allowed for something that had never happened in music, the communication with an audience by an individual employed in war, while that very employment is taking place. However, as far as I could tell, this music was something so personal and while intended for the worlds ears, too private.

In retrospect, it seems that my having to go to war is far overshadowed by the absurdities of returning. It is odd that we can all feel so safe. A peaceful environment is the most stressful place for some one who is used to a more real presence of fear. Life and music seem so real when you are close to losing them. After writing music that attempts to say something about war, it can be hard to find a new worthy topic of inspiration....

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