Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bush logic

Via The Heretik.

Clement’s arguments are frequently drawn from the well of “because the president says so,” or “because the president is the president,” or “because it’s wartime.” They start to sound like Alberto Gonzales’ testimony before Congress or the president’s signing statements: legal analysis by assertion and justification by double standard. This war is like every other war except to the extent that it differs from those other wars. We follow the laws of war except to the extent that they do not apply to us. These prisoners have all the rights to which they are entitled by law, except to the extent that we have changed the law to limit their rights.

In other words, there is almost no question for which the government cannot find a circular answer.


MT said...

It's the doctrine of presidential infallibility. I'm sure you can find a constitutional scholar somewhere to attest to it.

helmut said...

I think some White House lackey ought to create a big feathery hat or snood for the president to wear. Start a new tradition.