Friday, March 31, 2006


Two cool posts:

First, a very cool vertical "scroll" photo of Jupiter (at Pruned, via BLDGBLOG).

Second, a lovely post at BLDGBLOG on "super reef" that moves from a discussion of the reappearance of the largest-ever reef to a discussion of the saxophone valve.
...the idea that there might be a similar such stone flute – only the size and shape of a vast fossilized reef, stretching from Portugal to southern Russia – would suddenly seem like a real possibility. In other words, locked into the rocks of Europe is the largest musical instrument ever made: awaiting a million more years of wind and rain and even war to carve that reef into a flute, a buried saxophone, made of fossilized glass, pocketed with caves and indentations, reflecting the black light of uncountable eclipses until the earth gives out.

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