Sunday, April 23, 2006

A post about nothing

You know those times where you just don't have anything to say and other peoples' and machines' requests for you to respond (email, verbal questions, the phone ringing, George Harrison's unswept floor, etc.) seem laborious?

That's me today. The Blog is sometimes like a ringing telephone when your mouth is full of toothpaste. Clearly, Appliances sometimes do this intentionally. Let it not be said that the world of Electronics has no sense of humor.

Yet, I resent this Autonomy of The Blog. Human beings create blogs; not the other way around. Is not this the case? The Blog increasingly encroaches upon time that could be spent engaged in other productive activities. Blog shapes our values, our concerns, our ideas, our peeves and annoyances. Everything! Yesterday, I watched a starling attempt to kick a woodpecker out of the nest the woodpecker had assiduously drilled into a dead tree. You know what I thought? Blog.

The worst offender, I believe, is Blogged Cat. I look. I see Cat. I blog Cat. Thus, it is Friday. No Cat, it must be Sunday (or at least a 1 in 6 chance).


On another note, back in the halcyon days of a mega-link from PZ Myers just at the point he was receiving 20K hits per hour, someone asked in the comments here why we didn't have a better explanation for what we do at Phronesisaical. The question touched upon the sensitive nerve of blog identity.

We here at Phronesisaical, to repeat, do politics, philosophy, international affairs, and fruit. We also do many other things. All these things together create the Phronesisaical identity:

Mud drag-racing
Unruly Models
NYC garbage
Apostrophe protection
Heterosexual clothed porn
Lionel Richie
Refictionalized fictionalized reality
Ray Davies
Evil twins
Cancer-treating coral compounds
Mango worship
Pink snow
Greggery Peccary
Invisible blog art...

to name but a few....

These Gnostic clues are the collective key to Phronesisaical identity.


MT said...

Allow me to disagree.

helmut said...

OK. I'm not sure about what, though. Want to tell me?

Anonymous said...

I blog think constantly. Everything. Walk to the mailbox and see a spider? Can I use it somehow in a story on my blog? Ahh! Look at the mess in my office....blogworthy? Etc.

And oh. Glad you're all about Pink Snow and not Yellow Snow. That would be icky.

helmut said...

I slap myself when I think too much about blogging. I suppose it would be really bad if one blog-thought during baptisms, orgasms, and receiving a Nobel Prize.

MT said...

Nothing in particular. Just trying to engage. Thought I'd go holistic. I don't suppose you can offer a defense?

helmut said...

It's difficult to provide a defense of an identity that is so complex, so intricate, so inclusive as to allow even absence to have a presence in the absence of presence.


MT said...
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