Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here's to Thierry Henry and the other lads today.

UPDATE (2:35):

Here we go! Arsenal vs. Barcelona. Champions League final. If you can't make it to ESPN2 in the US, or likely any of the main channels anywhere else in the world, follow along here at The Guardian.

UPDATE (3:25):

Gooooooolllll! Sol Campbell header. Arsenal 1 - Barcelona 0. And Arsenal has been a man down since Lehmann was sent off around the 20th minute. The good thing is that Arsenal can fall back a bit on defense with only the ten men.

UPDATE (4:30):

Merde. Arsenal 1 - Barcelona 2. Arsenal had been the superior side even with only ten men, but now they look worn out.

UPDATE (whatever):



Anonymous said...

Sorry bub. Going for Barca.

helmut said...

20 bucks, Kitu.

helmut said...

Now I'm faced with a hypothetical ethical problem. If, say, I were to delete my comment above about the 20 bucks (which I have lost), and Kitu never sees it - I know he visits maybe only once a week - can one hear the tree falling?

Anonymous said...

What is the sound of one twenty dollar bill clapping?

helmut said...

Glug glug.

helmut said...

I meant glug glug once you get back to DC. At least the first two rounds are on me.