Friday, May 26, 2006


In Budapest. Got in yesterday evening. I haven't seen much. A great dinner last night - that paprika sauce on foie gras with a bit of Tokay in the sauce, and some excellent wine. A secret: Hungarian wines. Once they come on the market in the US, look out. Especially one called Vylyan, Montenuovo cuvée.

A late start this morning. Walked around a bit - the chic Andrassy Avenue, around some of the neighborhoods on the Pest side, and now headed towards the river. I needed a good coffee. Found the coffee with a bonus open internet connection.

The town thus far - the Pest side - has a feeling of part Paris (the architecture, some of the leafy boulevards), part Soviet Union (long empty blocks with the occasional shop that looks like a dollar-store), and a mix of older Eastern Europeans and younger indie folks.


Badaunt said...

The wine! I'd forgotten the wine. I was only there for a day (which is why I didn't offer any advice - we stayed in a student dormitory, horribly noisy, not to be recommended) but THE WINE! Yes!

I should also add: avoid garnish. Also, if you want to have a bath at one of the famous bathing establishments, plan on an afternoon. We tried to go in the evening and discovered they closed at 6.

Are you enjoying the speedy escalators?

Anonymous said...

You ate fois gras?!

barba de chiva said...

Tofu foie gras, right? Right?