Saturday, May 20, 2006

Eurovision live

I can't believe I'm actually watching it. But I am. A little crush on the happy gal from Ukraine, and a fondness for Germans who sing country music. Norway wasn't bad. Russia had a ballerina pop out of a white piano spewing blood roses like Alien - they came in second. Lithuania did their "we win" shtick to boos. And some group, I forget from where, had a little robot it paraded around the stage.

Now the tallies are coming in live here via webcast. Lordi of Finland, the monster group, is way ahead and it looks like they'll win. Fancy that.

UPDATE (5:56pm):

Your winner, Lordi of Finland. And the Christian right in the US thinks Europeans are satanists. Bouf.


Anonymous said...

Aah, the clebration of mediocre and banal finally ended! I wouldn't even comment on this farce but, as a Finn, I just say that; as one of the most insecure people in the world, this makes us (not all of us) feel as being equal. Maybe it even will make a dip in our high suicide rates for a while. In a week or two, it will be back to the same inferiority than before.

helmut said...

But, Pekka, Finland is the most competitive country on the planet, recently passing the US. Nokia and Lordi. That's something, ain't it? (And I would also add Aki Kaurismaki).

Anonymous said...

I am all for Lithuania especially if their fans are anything like the Lithuania basketball fans. They can make a lot of noise at games and they wear T-shirts that were designed by Stanley Mouse.

Anonymous said...

If the old adage; there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics, is true, I don't believe Finland is the most competetive country. I always wonder, how do they come up with these lists where nations are neatly lined up in order of this and that? There are too many variables and then of course mere statistical error can knock you from the number on spot to the fifth. Besides, I think the particular statistic you are (kindly) using is already old and Finland have dropped a few spots. And in a final analysis, what's the relevance of it anyways?

Finland has it's eggs in the Nokia basket and if/when things turn sour with it so do the whole Finnish economy.

Aki Kaurismaki is the only truly great Finn to me, because his ultra booring movies have cured me from previously uncurable insomnia.

How can those Lithuanians be so good at basketball?

Helmut, you a nice gentleman and I thank you for your kind comments!

helmut said...

I like Aki Kaurismaki. I was hoping his sense of humor is a uniquely Finnish one.