Sunday, May 28, 2006

Flower Man, Infernal Bridegroom Productions

We just returned from an unplanned visit to the Flower Man, of Houston's Third Ward. See Troutsky's comment to Helmut's post of Budapest grafitti, then read this piece about Cleveland Turner, or Flower Man. Come to Houston & he'll welcome you in. He's even got a bedroom set aside for visiting artists.

Last night, we saw the Infernal Bridgroom Productions production of "Speeding Motorcycle," a new rock opera about Daniel Johnston. It was wonderful in the way only rock operas can be, an exuberant portrayal of psychosis that was as sad as it was funny. My favorite scene involved a grotesquely proportioned Captain America--based on his appearance in Johnston's own drawings--battling health-care workers. It made me cry, in both sad and funny ways. So that's probably a good sign . . .

Back to South Texas, and the heat, and likely more posting, tomorrow.

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