Thursday, May 11, 2006

New twinkies

New links post! Always witty, frivolous, and filled with intelligent commentary of the highest calibre.

I've added some new links to the blogroll. A couple are pretty obvious, but I'm just now getting over the resentment/irritation/derision/unrequited love/anger phase of blog childhood wherein one desires to kill the big blogs and marry the others. Note that I still can't link to Kos and Atrios, the emperor blogs, the sires.


Steve Gilliard

Ones you may have missed:

David Byrne [the Talking Head blogs quirkily]
Mike the Mad Biologist [who should have already been on the blogroll]
SuperFrenchie [a cheese-eating view of living in the US, and vice versa; plus other goodies, such as penis-size comparisons]
Philosophy Conferences [in the Philosophy section - a useful site for the philostophers here]
And, it has been there, waiting in deadly silence for weeks, but I don't think anyone has clicked it (fear?):
Durian Palace: A Home of the King of Fruits on the World Wide Web

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