Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Red stars

You know that story about Iran requiring markings on clothing to distinguish Jews, Christians, and others? You know, the fake story (they're really starting up aren't they, this election year? See also Glenn Greenwald on the "angry left" theme - check out the push and pull game between the administration and their plants)...? Tristero finds one that's not fake, but it happens to be in the US, and it happens to be more Horowitz-inspired witch-hunting.

Digby notes the GOP-inspired Hillary-is-frigid-and-calculating piece in the NY Times. Plus, Mark Warner gets the creepy photo treatment, and the Gore smearing has already begun.

As always, this election year, and those to come, watch for the dirty deeds done by those who decry them with the most vehemence.

And Atrios:
The article not running in the Times tomorrow.

Washington, DC, May 23 - Republicans say it is inevitable that some voters would be concerned and even distracted by the numerous personal indiscretions of the various candidates likely to seek the office of president, and express concern about whether they would be likely to repeat such behavior while in the White House.

While former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani's popularity increased after the events of September 11, pushing his personal issues into the background, Republicans worry he would bring to the White House the kind of activities which marred his tenure at Gracie Mansion.

Giuiliani's behavior led to a judge barring the presence of Judith Nathan, with whom he began having an affair during his last term as mayor, from the mayoral home. The judge's order also criticized Giuliani for the emotional harm he inflicted on his children.

Twice-married Virginia Senator George Allen faces questions over claimed sadistic treatment of his siblings and his fondness for confederate memorabilia despite his having grown up in California. While divorce alone may not disqualify him from the ballot in Republican voters' eyes - they overlooked it in 1980 when Ronald Reagan became the first, and only, divorced man to be elected president - it is still expected to impact his standing with conservative religious voters. Senator McCain of Arizona is in a similar position.

Thrice-married former Speaker of the House New Gingrich also concerns Republicans as he gears up for a potential presidential run. Gingrich, currently 62, began dating his geometry teacher, and future wife, while he was still in high school. He later served her divorce papers at her hospital bed where she was receiving treatment for cancer. He divorced his second wife after it was revealed that he had been having a long-running affair with a staffer 23 years younger than him during the Clinton impeachment saga.

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Anonymous said...

But should a good leader be the one that shows the least signs of being a human? What do we expect of them? Good Christian values, patriotism, moral high ground etc., just like with the fellows right now occupying the White House?