Thursday, June 29, 2006

The eyes of... are upon you

Via Decorabilia, check this out:

We all know the scene: the departmental coffee room, with the price list for tea and coffee on the wall and the “honesty box” where you pay for your drinks – or not, because no one is watching.

In a finding that will have office managers everywhere scurrying for the photocopier, researchers have discovered that merely a picture of watching eyes nearly trebled the amount of money put in the box.

Melissa Bateson and colleagues at Newcastle University, UK, put up new price lists each week in their psychology department coffee room. Prices were unchanged, but each week there was a photocopied picture at the top of the list, measuring 15 by 3 centimetres, of either flowers or the eyes of real faces. The faces varied but the eyes always looked directly at the observer.

In weeks with eyes on the list, staff paid 2.76 times as much for their drinks as in weeks with flowers. “Frankly we were staggered by the size of the effect,” Gilbert Roberts, one of the researchers, told New Scientist.

If we want to live like that.... You know I once heard from an anthropologist - and I have no idea if this is true - that a sea on the dark side, if the moon was turned 180 degrees, would have the appearance to earthlings of a giant eye in the sky. Consider, if true, what that might have meant for the evolution of human beings.

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