Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cowboy outfits

Is this scandalous in the UK? Think of how scandalous it is in the US. Any leader who wears a cowboy outfit ought to resign.
John Prescott yesterday admitted he had worn a cowboy outfit, including a white stetson, during a horseback tour at the ranch of Philip Anschutz during a controversial visit last year. But while he said he had been given conflicting official advice on how to handle his trip to the Colorado home of the tycoon, he shrugged off criticism over his behaviour and insisted he hoped to stay in office.

Mr Prescott said wearing the outfit did not breach any rules covering gifts or misconduct. "I've been 35 years in politics. I've never had any other job, I've never received a payment and in no way have I been unduly influenced," he said.

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