Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Electric car

The first "plausible" electric car?
"I don't know too much about the Tesla," says Roland Hwang, senior policy analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council, "but two-thirds less greenhouse gases and 0 to 60 in four seconds? Who could be against that?"


MT said...

"Plausible" in the political sense maybe. The EV1 in 2000 was allegdly just the ticket. But I'm excited about the Tesla, and almost feel it was worth the wait for the name, which couldn't be more apt. Not to mention what it will do for the reputation of Yugos with respect to cars. Thank you, Serbo-Croatia, for giving us Nikolai.

helmut said...

"Plausible" isn't my language. It's the language of someone who thinks eco-friendly cars are geeky and thus we need enviro-Camaros before the whole thing will take off. Your political link doesn't work, but I surmise that it's something along the lines of making enviro issues friendly to American machos.

Apart from that, I like this idea too, and Tesla is a great name.

By the way, I had an email exchange with John Podhoretz a couple of weeks ago where it concluded with him telling me to go do my "environmental bullshit." The man is freaky-nuts. I'll post about the3 exchange one of these days. It just seemed - oddly - too easy a target.