Thursday, July 27, 2006


Photo: Dave

This is a photo of mangoes in a Tegucigalpa market. I'm not sure, but those might be guinep in the lower right-hand corner.

I'm headed out of town Saturday morning, going to the original "banana republic," Honduras. Barba will be doing most of the blogging, and I'll see what I can post from Honduras. I'm planning on spending time in cloudforests and rainforests, and less time in towns with internet cafes. So, we'll see. Barba, if you don't know him, is an English professor with a terrific political sense and an eye for the small, graceful misery of American life. Good things to come.

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Up today and tomorrow: the Friday conversation-stopper and more reports from the Tragic Planet (copyright dibs on this title for a travel guidebook series).


MT said...

Don't step on any frogs while you go tromping through the cloud forest! I know it's less of a liability than ever, but you could extinguish a species with one false step. Frogs being canaries to the ecological coal mine, though, I'm sure you'll see a spectacle. I am so jealous. And that's not even counting mangoes.

helmut said...

When it comes to fragile forest, I go all Butterfly. Don't worry. Frogs are at least the canary to the climatological coal mine. But I ain't touching them in Honduras. Check out the "yellow frog" that lives in Honduras.

Plus, when I was a kid in Taiwan, I caught a tree frog, took him to school in a coffee can, and then handled him all day. this meant that at one point I rubbed my eyes. The frog, of course, secreted a toxic epidermal substance. I was blind for three days. The canary in the coalmine of juvenile stupidity.

I love tropical frogs... to look at.

helmut said...

Oh, and it's not too late to join us.