Friday, July 28, 2006


You know, I'm really enjoying Marcus' blog, Washington Syndrome. No fuss, nice solid points, good little arguments, fair-mindedness, good sense, and no pompous certitude. I like these corners of the blogosphere, as opposed to all the huffing and puffing out there. You should be reading him.

As a sample, Marcus poses a question worth pondering:
Let's say you're a police officer out watching a parade. You hear a scream to your right, and see that someone has been stabbed. Quickly, you ask the victim if she knows who attacked her, and she says he slipped directly into the procession.

1. Is your first reaction to start spraying bullets in the general direction of the parade?

2. If you do, and you hit a bystander, who gets the blame?


MT said...

1. Duh, no!
2. Duh, me!

(Duh, I think the answers are, duh, obvious and am, duh, really surprised you found them quotable. I guess I must be, duh, missing something.)

troutsky said...

Would not the best course of action be to spray the crowd with bullets BEFORE any stabbings could occur, that is, preemtively stop the crime through annihilation?
then i would simply ban all public gatherings and be done with it.

out where i live they propose stopping all wildfires by cutting down all the trees.Bloody good sense.