Monday, August 28, 2006

DC Landmarks: The Intimate Korean Toilets

Helmette, some friends, and I decided today on a Korean restaurant for our usual 4pm Sunday lunch. D went to the bathroom after lunch and returned to the table to inform us about a most curious toilet situation. I went for a look.

The bathroom was small - about six square feet - but clean and chic. Bamboo-type plants in a large vase, a pleasant aroma-therapy liquid soap, and... two black porcelain toilets facing each other - no stalls, no divider. One, however, has been placed at a slight angle so that the two toilets may be used without knocking knees with your fellow unfortunate victim of gastrointestinal urgency. Face to face, you would be less than four feet away from your common man, staring directly into his grimace.

D suggested that one of us take up position on one of the shiny pots for much of the day. I suggested that the restaurant should install a checkerboard table between the two.

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