Friday, October 20, 2006

Bonus Conversation Stopper

US Under Secretary of State for Interfaith harmony, Karen Hughes, has likened Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice to Amara bin Al-Rehman, a wise women who lived at the time of Prophet Mohammed.

Addressing a gathering of Muslim diplomats and journalists at a State Department Iftar reception, Hughes said that Rice like Al-Rehman, was an extremely knowledgeable woman who shared her knowledge with many famous men of her time.

“Recently I was told a story from the time of the Prophet about a famous man who expressed a desire to seek knowledge. He was advised, by another man to join the assembly of a well-known woman jurist of the day named Amara bin Al-Rahman,” the Daily Times quoted Karen as saying.

“She was described as a boundless ocean of knowledge and she shared her knowledge with a number of famous men which kind of reminds me of our boss Dr Condoleezza Rice when she shows up at a national security meeting and shares her boundless knowledge with all the men in the room,” she said. (ANI)


The Ridger, FCD said...

Karen Hughes simply has no shame, has she?

MT said...

Yeah, a conversation stopper in the same way those Danish cartoons stopped conversation. Unless you consider the scimitar a form of expression.