Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ohio Crank

Remember the state that brought you the 2004 election? How about the man centrally responsible for four-more-years? That would be Ken Blackwell, who trails Ted Strickland in the polls by double digits. What to do? How about this (via TPM)....
With Republican Ken Blackwell trailing by double digits in almost every poll, Blackwell's campaign Tuesday tried to link his Democratic opponent to child sex predators - and the state Republican spokesman even raised questions about Ted Strickland's sexuality.

Blackwell and the state GOP say they are only questioning Strickland's integrity and judgment.

The Strickland campaign said the GOP ought to be "ashamed."...

"Where was Frances?'' McClelland said of the candidate's wife. "Voters should be able to look at it and make their own decision. We're not going to sit here and say whether or not we think Ted Strickland has a certain preference. It's just not our business. Our job is to try to win elections."

Strickland campaign spokesman Keith Dailey reacted: "I think it's telling just how low the Republican Party has sunk. These are the same ridiculous innuendos that the same party apologized for'' after firing a GOP committee employee for smearing the Stricklands in an e-mail in late July, he said.

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