Monday, February 19, 2007


...Tony Blankley let the cat out of the bag, however, when he said that the US will be in Iraq for 20 years. When challenged about the difference between American combat troops on the ground an an American "presence" he (angrily) said this:
The fact is that when the oil is challenged in the Saudi oil fields and the Straights of Hormuz are closed, we'll be fighting even by your definition.
Right. They aren't even pretending anymore.

I think the great public intellectual and conservative philosopher Ann Coulter said it best:
"Liberals are always talking about why we shouldn't go to war for oil. But why not go to war for oil? We need oil.

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troutsky said...

I still remember the look of extreme exasperation on the face of Richard Perle when an interviewer asked him the role of oil in the conflict.As if explaining to a child, he said "in the market system, if the US wants oil it just buys it." One great performance, he should have been nominated.