Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shitty Batter

Here's one for you baseball factoid fanatics, sent in by our pal Flaco:
...the old St. Louis Browns shortstop Walter "Shitty Batter" Dugan. They called him that because he was a real shitty batter. He'd swing at anything, Dugan would. I swear, I once saw him swing at a throw the pitcher made to first base.
In this case, could the ump call a strike?


The Heretik said...

Um technically ball must pass plate to be considered a pitch.

helmut said...

How far away from the plate? Say the ball was over the plate but fifty feet in the air, and the batter swung.

MT said...

I hope nobody lands here on a recipe search. I don't always spell pitcher right myself.

helmut said...

I made a shitty cake the other day. It sucked.