Friday, March 02, 2007

Evil Lullabies

The Bush Administration doesn't like lullabies sung by women from the select Axis of Evil Group, even when in duet with Western singers. This is curious. You would think that a person from a Good Country combined with a person from an Evil Country would favor the Good side since Good is supposed to outweigh Evil, and since one Brown or Yellow Life apparently equals about one-tenth of one White Life. Yet, in the case of children's lullabies, the administration must figure that the potential for nefarious influence on innocent American children from even one note from an Evil Country Person outweighs any Good engendered by Lila Downs. This seems to me really to be the fault of the record producer. He should have hired a choir of hundreds of Good Country People to drown out the Evil Country Person.

Download a few of the songs here at WFMU at your own risk.

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